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HOBBYMATE Speed H6 Lipo Charger 700W DC / 200W AC, Fast Balance Charger
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Shenzhen Hobbymate Co., Ltd. is an industrial and trade integrated company officially registered in Shenzhen, mainly engaged in remote control aerospace models and peripheral products. The company has many years of experience in the remote control aerospace model industry, and has registered the HOBBYMATE trademark and the US trademark in the country Branch office in California, USA.

HOBBYMATE Whizzer FPV Racing Drone Frame Hybrid 5" Drone Frame W/ Detachable 6mm Arms
Power Distribution Board
HOBBYMATE Flash Hybrid 5" FPV Racing Drone Kits / PNP / BNF
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Top Porsche sports car vs. FPV UAV: who is faster! Who is the winner?

Top Porsche sports car vs. FPV UAV: who is faster! Who is the winner?

Porsche sports car belongs to the top level, and there is no doubt about the speed. This time, the new world speed record holder of UAV, challenged by FPV, staged a fierce speed contest. Who is the king of speed? Do you want to guess first.
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Use NASA's multi rotor test bed to test air taxis, UAVs, etc

The daily commute of city residents is likely to take off soon and the rotor of an air taxi will rotate as it rises from the roof, media reports. To meet the coming era of air travel, so-called urban air mobility, and many other applications, NASA has developed a flexible way to test new designs for airplanes that use multiple rotors. 
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What is FPV

What is drone racing? What is FPV?

What is FPV?FPV is the abbreviation of first person view in English, namely "first person main view". It is a new play method based on the remote control aviation model or vehicle model equipped with wireless camera return equipment to watch the screen control model on the ground. FPV products are still rare on the market. 
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