What is drone racing? What is FPV?

UAV enters our vision in a more cool, fun and exciting way - FPV UAV race, which belongs to the future. The extremely fast race rhythm and the harsh buzzer are the same as formula one. Countless neon lights flash out at a high speed in front of you, which always makes you feel like you are in a science fiction movie.What is FPV

What is FPV?FPV is the abbreviation of first person view in English, namely "first person main view". It is a new play method based on the remote control aviation model or vehicle model equipped with wireless camera return equipment to watch the screen control model on the ground. FPV products are still rare on the market. If you need, you can click here to jump to browse the products. 

What is FPV

Simple competition rules

Every flyer must rush to the finish gate as fast as possible. 

For each event, the organizers have carefully designed and planned the track, and carefully placed each obstacle door. What the pilots have to do is to catch up with the speed and pass through many obstacles at the same time. The most important thing is to avoid bombing.

 What is FPV

One of the most tense points in the exclusive competition system is that there is an extra time penalty of 5 seconds for missing an obstacle goalkeeper, and 10 seconds for rushing.What is FPV

From the ground to 10 meters high, there are all kinds of LED lights as signs of obstacles, shuttling through the track from the first person perspective, feeling numerous neon flashes in front of you, the pilots are facing a large number of straight and sharp turns, and there are some obstacles that need the pilots to make another 180 degree turn quickly after full sprint, which tests the reaction speed of each pilot.

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