Hobbymate D6 Duo Pro Rc Lipo Battery Balance Charger, FPV Drone Battery Charger, Support AC/DC Input

$99.90 USD

Hobbymate D6 Duo Pro Rc Hobby Lipo Battery Charger AC / DC version with Power Supply Cable

Best Dual Ports Lipo Battery Charger, Hobbymate company offer one year warranty for it.
Auto detecting lipo cells, Dual independent charging ports, optimized operating software
Internal independent lithium battery balancer Balancing individual cells during battery discharging
All-in-one protection, incl. overheating protection, time-exceeding protection, capacity protection, input reverse protection, output protection, short circuit protection, output current protection, over output voltage protection, overcharge protection.
Modes: Balance Charge, Fast Charge, Discharge, Storage Mode, Manual Charge; Terminal Voltage Control, Temperature Overheat Cut-Off


Input Voltage: AC100~240V / DC 6.5~30V
Charge Current: 0.1~15A × 2
Charge Power: DC 325W × 2(650W) AC 200W(Support power distribution)
Discharge Power Internal discharge: 15Wx2 (balance port 10W
External discharge: 325W × 2(650W)
Battery Type: LiHv/LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/Lixx : 1~6S
NiZn/Nicd/NiMH : 1~16S
Smart Battery: 1~6S
Lead Acid(Pb): 2~24V
Envelop : 1~16S
Balance Current: 1600mA × 2
Discharge Current: 0.1~3A × 2
External Discharge Current: 1~15A × 2
USB Output: 5V / 2.1A

Package include:
1x D6 Duo Pro AC DC charger
1x AC Power Cord

Customer Reviews

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John L.
It eventually came, but shipping and customer service is a nightmare.

I currently have no qualms about the product itself. It looks like a general LIPO charger. It came with a power cord although the D6 specifically is said to not come with one. I haven't used the LIPO charger enough to form a good opinion, but at face value, it looks decent.

My main problems comes from shipping and how poorly Hobbymate Hobby handled this. My initial shipment was delivered to a wrong address. I got the notification that my package arrived through the SHOP app, but it never actually arrived. (Later I discovered that it was most likely delivered to the wrong apartment). My first email sent to their customer service was completely ignored. I received no replies. On a second attempt, they responded and we arranged for a replacement to be ghosted again when I asked for shipping details. Eventually I received an email from my apartment manager who gave me the misdelivered parcel.

It took 3 weeks from when I placed the order to when I finally received it.

You can get lucky and have no issues with delivery. But you can also get unlucky and be forced to deal with the nightmare that is the customer service.

Missing power cord

Received Order #6416 missing the power cord and instruction manual. Contacted via email on 4 January, 2024 and have not received a response. Downloaded the manual from Hobbymate website and purchased a power cord for $9.99 from another company on the internet. Only reason I gave 1 star is the web page wouldn't allow 0 star. Hobbymate owes me $9.99. Great charger, customer service completely unacceptable.

Eric L.
Arrived on time, intact. What

Arrived on time, intact. What more can u ask for?

Eric L.
Excellent charger. Good safety warnings

Excellent charger. Good safety warnings if anything is hooked up incorrectly etc... would definitely recommend.

Jeff P.

Works really well.