Hobbywing QuicRun Fusion SE 2in1 Foc Power Waterproof for 1/10th Rc Crawler

$69.90 USD

Hobbywing QuicRun Fusion SE 2in1 Foc Power Waterproof for 1/10th Rc Rock Crawler 1200Kv 1800Kv Option

Aesthetically Appealing:
The Fusion SE provides an integrated space-saving design for builders. With a 58mm length, the Fusion SE has been shortened slightly to allow it to fit into more vehicles.


Application:  Vehicles 1/10th rock crawler
Scale:  1/10th
Brushed / Brushless:  BL
Sensored / Sensorless: SD
Cont./Peak Current:  40A
Input Voltage:  2-3S Lipo / 6-9 Cell NiMH
BEC Output:  6V/7.4V@4A、6A peak
Motor KV:  1200KV & 1800KV
Diameter / length of Motor: 36mm / 58.1mm
Shaft diameter / exposed shaft length:  3.175mm / 16.5mm
Motor Poles:  4
Input Wires:  Red-14AWG-200mm*1 / Black-14AWG-200mm*1
Input Connectors:  XT60
SET Button on ESC: Not Supported
LED Program Box: Supported
LCD Program Box:  Not Supported
OTA Programmer:  Not Supported
Program Port: Independent programming interface(switch position)
Firmware Upgrade:  Not Supported
Size:  36 x 58.1mm
Weight:  201g (including wires & connectors)


Highlight Features:

FOC Powered, with proven design heritage
FOC has been a game changer for the crawling segment. The extreme efficiency operates at lower temps and provides extended runtimes. The nearly silent operation provides amazing power and response at all speeds while providing extremely low RPM control. Compared to normal brushless, FOC systems provide a dramatic increase in response and power delivery.

Smart torque output and closed loop control. Amazing control on climbs and descents.
The smart torque output control feature of the built-in FOC ESC ensures unmatched downhill and uphill driving. The ESC can automatically adjust the motor output to RPM to match the driver inputs.
Intelligent Torque Output is a smart management system that allows the ESC to adjust the motor for inclines or descent under any load to match the throttle.

U- matched hill holding
With 8 levels of drag brake force (Power) and 9 levels of Drag Brake Rate, drivers can fine-tune their vehicles hill-holding power and general driving. Overall, drag brakes can be 2 times stronger than normal brushless setups.
8 Drag brake force, 9 Drag brake Rate adjustment, 2 Drag brakes are 2 times stronger than comparable systems

Designed for Durability
Silicon rubber gaskets, electronic buttons, and quality hardware ensure a long life for the Fusion SE. Made to take the abuse and conditions of daily RC bashers.

Ready for all weather and track conditions.
IP-67 waterproof rating ensures the Fusion SE has protection from water, dust, and about anything else that gets thrown at it.
Designed to withstand all conditions time and time again.
Note: The IP67 protection level mentioned above is splash-resistant, water-resistant and dust-resistant under normal use, and is tested under controlled
laboratory conditions. Its effect is in the GB / T 4208-2017 (domestic) / IEC 60529 (overseas) standard to IP67 level. Splash, water and dust resistance


Download The Instruction Manual Here

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Brad P.
Little bit of a weight

Little bit of a weight but exactly what I ordered. Ordered another for my other truck

Bryan R.
Great value

For the price you can't beat the Fusion SE 2in1 esc motor combo I got the 1800 kv so much low end torque

Tommy H.
Took to long to shop

I like products but the shipping really sucks takes to long to receive

Brandon G.
Don't pay the expedited shipping

Took about a month to arrive when I paid for 3 day shipping. It was a week before there was a shipping label made. Took a few more weeks to actually ship. Then I waited for it to be delivered. If they're not in stock or whatever the case is that should be in the sale ad. Don't sell 3 day shipping on backordered parts.
Motor works, but I won't order anything more from here.

Hey Brandon, sorry for the bad shipping experience; we refund shipping fee you paid, due to shipping system bug on the day you placed the order. The product runs out of stock in the fulfillment center of Untied States, but store does not sync the stock quantity correctly from fulfillment center, that cause the shipping confuse.

robbie v.
2 in i

I was waiting for a tracking number and when I finally got one from them it said it had delivered a week ago but I never got it and now they won't give me a refund or replacement...I filed a stolen report to usps and they still won't help me out..

Hi Robbie, I can see you choose shipping option of 7-14 days on the order in our store; the order was placed on Feb 01, and delivered on Feb 13, the order can be tracked from usps official site by number 4209060492748927005850000003889147