Elrs Micro Receiver Long Range For Rc Airplane, Helicopters, Fpv Drones, Rc Car / Boat

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BETAFPV Micro receiver is based on the ExpressLRS project, an open-source RC link for RC applications. ExpressLRS aims to achieve the best possible link performance in both speeds, latency, and range. This makes ExpressLRS one of the fastest RC links available while still offering long-range performance.

ExpressLRS PWM Receivers

ExpressLRS now supports direct PWM output from receivers that have been specifically designed for this mode. BETAFPV ELRS Micro receiver features PWM output for the application of fixed-wing, helicopters, RC cars, boats and etc, and supports failsafe function, which can protect RC models from being out of control. Besides, the plug-and-play design makes it very easy and friendly to use.

Note: To work with PWM receiver, please make sure the TX and RX firmware is ELRS V2.0.0.

Comparison in BETAFPV ELRS Receivers

What is the major difference between Micro receiver, Nano receiver, and Lite receiver?

Micro receiver is the first ELRS receiver with PWM output on BETAFPV. It is widely used in fixed-wing, helicopters, RC cars, boats and etc. Weighing about 4.5g with an antenna means that a FPV drone can not afford to carry. With the plug-and-play connect ports, Micro receive is very easy to use and does not need to solder.

Nano receiver (2.4G version) is the first and (so far) the only receiver with power amplifier (PA+LNA). It has 100mW telemetry output and better sensitivity when longer range. Lite receiver doesn't have a PA/LNA on them, so its telemetry power is as what the RF chip SX1280 came with 17mW.

Beside, Nano receiver comes with normal external Dipole T antenna. Lite receiver has SMD ceramic antenna and in theory it is not so long range.

Micro receiver is used for fixed-wing, helicopter, RC cars, and boats. High recommend the Nano or Lite receiver to build on a drone. Especially on 65-85mm whoop drones with limited space and need lightweight, Lite receiver is a better choice.

Micro Receiver Nano Receiver Lite Receiver
Weight 4.5g with antenna 0.7g (RX only) 0.47g (Tower), 0.53g (Flat)
IPEX MHF + T antenna IPEX MHF + T antenna Integrated SMD ceramic antenna


ESP8285, SX1280, SX1281

ESP8285, SX1281 or SX1276

ESP8285, SX1280

Frequency 2.4GHz

2.4GHz, 915MHz (FCC), 868MHz (EU)

Telemetry Power 17mW 100mW 17mW
Serial Output Protocol PWM or CRSF CRSF CRSF
Model Type
Fixed-wing aircraft, Helicopter, RC Cars, RC Boats FPV Drone Whoop Drone


  • Item: BETAFPV ELRS Micro Receiver
  • Weight: 4.5g (with antenna)
  • Antenna: IPEX MHF + T antenna (recommend 80mm Dipole T Antenna)
  • PWM channel: 5 channels
  • Serial output protocol: PWM or CRSF
  • Size: 19mm*32mm*9mm (without antenna)
  • MCU: ESP8285/SX1280/SX1281
  • Telemetry power: 12.5dbm/17mW
  • Frequency bands: 2.4GHz ISM
  • Input voltage: 5V~9V DC @ "+" pad
  • Default firmware version: ExpressLRS v2.0
  • Adapted RC Model Type: Multirotors, Fixed-wing aircraft, Helicopters, RC Cars, RC Boats and etc.


Below is the diagram for ELRS Micro receiver.

Note: The firmware version of the micro receiver manufactured by our company is ELRS 2.0.0. ELRS Innovative team has officially released version 2.0.0, which is not compatible with the 1.x version. Significantly, the TX module and receiver have to be in the same ELRS version, otherwise, the frequency cannot match successfully.

Note: The Micro receiver also supports flash CRSF output firmware, in this case CH2 corresponds to TX and CH3 corresponds to RX.

Click to read the article and find out how to flash firmware for Micro receiver

Know More About ExpressLRS

ExpressLRS is an open-source RC link for RC applications. Everyone could find this project on Github or join the discussion in Facebook Group.

ExpressLRS is based on Semtech Lora SX127x or SX1280 hardware for RX and TX respectively. it aims to achieve the best possible link performance in both speeds, latency, and range. At 900 MHz a maximum of 200 Hz packet rate is supported. At 2.4 GHz a blistering 500Hz is currently supported with a custom OpenTX build. This makes ExpressLRS one of the fastest RC links available while still offering long-range performance.

More and more vendors start to support the ExpressLRS radio protocol in different parts, like radio transmitter with ELRS in stock, drone with built-in ELRS receiver, ELRS TX module for JR bay, or Nano bay. BETAFPV team take part in this project and provide a series of ExpressLRS components.

Binding Procedure

The Micro receiver comes with officially major release V2.0.0 protocol and has not been set for a Binding Phrase. So please make sure the RF TX module works on officially major release V2.0.0 protocol and no Binding Phrase has been set beforehand.

  • Enter binding mode by plugging in and unplugging the Micro receiver three times;
  • Make sure the LED is on double flashing, this indicates the Micro receiver is in bind mode;
  • Make sure the RF TX module or radio transmitter also enters the binding mode, which sends out a binding pulse;
  • When the LED light is solid, it indicates that the devices are successfully bound.

Note: once the devices have been successfully bound, the receiver will store the binding information. There would be no need for re-bind on the later use as the devices would be connected automatically.

Note: If you reflash the firmware of the Micro receiver with your own Binding Phrase, please make sure the RF TX module has the same Binding Phrase to perform an auto bind.

Failsafe and PWM Output

When the connection or signal is lost between the radio transmitter and receiver, the failsafe function will adjust all the channels to the failsafe values set by the users, maximum keep safety and prevent from flying away. It's necessary to set up failsafe values properly if you are not using a flight controller, such as RC fixed-wing.

  • Power on the Micro receiver and wait for 20 seconds without binding.
  • Once the indicator is flashing quickly, the receiver's WiFi has been activated.
  • Connect WiFi via computer or mobile phone. 
  • WiFi Name: ExpressLRS RX
  • WiFi PWD: expresslrs
  • Open the website address:, and set your own failsafe values.

Note: Failsafe values are absolute and do not use the "invert" flag.

Micro receiver LED status indication is shown below.

Indicator status Meaning
Solid on Connected successfully
Double flashing
Binding status
Flashing slowly Connection fail
Flashing quickly WIFI upgrade status


Please click here to download the manual for ELRS Micro Receiver.

Recommend ExpressLRS Recovery Dongle for unbricking the receiver.


  • 1 * ELRS Micro Receiver
  • 1 * BETAFPV 80mm T antenna