Hobbywing Program Card for QuicRun XeRun EzRun Series Brushless ESC Speed Controller

$9.90 USD
Hobbywing RC Car Program Card LED Program Box for QuicRun, Xerun and Ezrun Series Car Brushless ESC

This LED program box is for programming HobbyWing brushless ESCs. Its friendly interface makes ESC programming easy and quick.
It's compact, portable and very applicable for field use.

It works with the following HobbyWing products:
1. Platinum V1/V2 series & FlyFun V5 series of brushless aircraft ESCs.
2. EzRun series & QuicRun series of brushless car ESCs, XeRun series (some XeRun ESCs, please take the instructions of relevant user manuals as standard.)
3. SeaKing series of brushless boat ESCs.

Part Number:  30501003
Size:  88x58x14mm(LxWxH)
Weight:  40g
Input Voltage:  4.8V-6.0V
Note:  a separate power supply is needed for powering this program box when ESC has no built-in/external BEC

Package contents:
1 x Led program Box
1 x Connection cable

Customer Reviews

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Alan D.
great card

did more than i expected.. worked on two of my esc's just different guides...great product