Hobbymate Enhanced Landing Skid, Foldable Extended Landing Gear for DJI Mini 3 Pro

$4.90 USD

Hobbymate Foldable Extended Landing Skid for Mini 3 Pro

Compatible: The landing gear leg is specially designed for DJI Mini 3 Pro, which is perfect for use.

Effective Protection: This Mini 3 Pro landing gear can effectively increase the distance between the drone and the ground by 21mm. When the Mini 3 Pro takes off or lands on uneven ground, it can reduce the impact, make the drone land smoothly, and protect the Mini 3 Pro's body and gimbal camera to prevent damage.

Lightweight: The weight of the whole landing gear is only 10g, and the lightweight design will not add extra burden to the Mini 3 Pro's flight.

Foldable Design: This landing gear features a foldable and quick-release design, convenient to carry and easy to install or disassemble.

Anti-Loss Battery Protection: When the Mini 3 Pro landing gear is in the unfolded working state, the battery can be stuck in flight without any accident. The battery can be replaced without removing the landing legs. Just keep the landing legs folded on the drone.

Package includes:
1 x landing gear
1 x instruction manual