HOBBYMATE AC Power Supply for D6 Dual Lite Hobby Charger 240W 8.3A For ISDT Hobbymate Rc Charger

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HOBBYMATE AC Power Supply for D6 Dual Lite Hobby Charger 240W 8.3A For ISDT Rc Hobby Charger

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Fit most pocket chargers on the market
The features 240w of Power output with an XT60 connector ready to plug in to the Toolkitrc M8, M8s or M6 charger series, Hobbymate D6 dual lite charger, ISDT Q6, ISDT Q8 and other ISDT DC Series Rc Battery Chargers
Compatible with most popular brands like, Hobbymate, ISDT, GT Power, Hota RC, Toolkitrc and any charger with an XT60 input.
Plug and rock.
Heating ventilation fan bulit inside.
Small pocket power adapter, yet powerful.
With short circuit, overload, overvoltage, protection.
Wide input voltage range, steady and precise output voltage.

Input: AC 100-240v; 50-60hz
DC Output: 29v, 8.3A max; XT60 Plug
Power: 240W (inc. Port A USB: 10W; Port C USB C: 45W)
Weight: 210 grams
Dimension: 107 x 66 x 50 mm (4.2 x 2.6 x 1.9 in)

Package include:
1 x Hobbymate Ac Power Adatper
1 x Power Cord

Download D6 Lite Charger Manuel

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Philipp W.
Horrible customer service!!! Expect the minimum, get even less...

Love the charger. Hobbymate customer service is horrific, incompetent and non existent! I wanted to purchase the D6 Dual Lite charger with the A/C power supply, the combo was out of stock but the charger and A/C power supply were available separately for 40% more money. I'm a past customer, have a Hobbymate account and contacted Hobbymate asking for both products at the combo price. I have the same exact D6 Dual Lite charger with the A/C power supply combo that I purchased directly from Hobbymate so I knew that they came in separate boxes, just shipped in one box, discounted if you bought them as a package which I was. I contacted Hobbymate directly and waited, no reply. I contacted Hobbymate again, waiting several weeks, still no response. Third time wasn't a charm either. I ended up paying 40% more plus accessories because Hobbymate couldn't reply to my correspondence, it was pay more or nothing by default. If Hobbymate contacted me and said "I'm sorry we cannot do that" at least I would have had a choice. I am left feeling unappreciated and of no value as a customer. Obviously Hobbymate doesn't care about it's customers not even enough for a simply reply and that's not an exaggeration or an unwarranted statement. If you really want to buy from Hobbymate know that there's literally no customer service, communication of any kind and there's no appreciation for you as a customer. After several months of waiting for items that were in stock and were not ordered during the Chinese New Year observance I received my package, still no response from Hobbymate.