Flysky Rc Noble NB4 Pro Receiver FGr4B 4-Channel for Flysky AFHDS3 transmitters and RF Modules PWM/PPM/i.Bus Out/S.Bus

$39.90 USD
Flysky mini receiver FGr4B for rc car, rc truck, rc boat, compatible with Flysky AFHDS 3 transmitters, noble nb4, noble pro, noble lite and RF modules
4 channels single-antenna bidirectional transmission system and is uniquely designed to install and output PWM/ PPM/i-bus/S.BUS/i-bus2 in signals.
Dimension: 17*29*16mm; Weight 6 grams
Ultra-small size and ultra-light weight, effectively save space and reduce item's weight-bearing
Easy to bind with failsafe function and very fast link-up, quick and extremely stable in performance

Compatible transmitters: all AFHDS 3 transmitters and RF Modules (PL18, Paladin EV, NB4, NB4 Lite, etc.)
Model Type: Car/boat etc
PWM Channels: 4
RF: 2.4GHz
Protocol: AFHDS 3
Antenna: Dual Antennas
Input Power: 3.5-9V
Data Output: PWM/PPM/i.BUS out/S.BUS
Temperature Range: -10℃ to +60℃
Humidity Limit: 20%-95%
Online Update: Yes
Dimensions: 17*29*16mm
Weight: 6.4g
Certification: CE,FCC ID:N4ZFGR4B

Package include:
1 x FGr4B Receiver