Lipo Charging Bag Fireproof, Lipo Battery Safe Bag for Storage, Size 110x110x70 mm

$5.90 USD
Lipo Charging Bag Fireproof, Lipo Battery Safe Bag for Storage, safe way to charge your lipo in house.

With a secure heavy-duty velcro closure and vents to reduce pressure, two way zipper to ensure the bag away from oxygen to make sure in accident lipo fire to last long time and develop to a huge disaster.
The fireproof lipo safe bag made of supreme fire retardant fiberglass nylon, both inside film and outer surface

The latest material outer surface was Fire retardant, no glass fiber will annoy anymore
This flame retardant bag is a convenient way of safeguarding your LiPo batteries during charging, transit, and storage.

Protect your home and valuables from a fire due to a Lipo battery failure with HOBBYMATE Lipo-Safe bag. Useful for storage, travel and during charging. The bag has an outer and inner lining made from a woven fire retardant fiberglass material, which helps contain and greatly reduce any fires inside the bag.
Latest fire proof material make sure it works as expected, Two way zipper and Velcro make the lipo bag a complete enclosure from any danger of lipo fires
Not like those cheap lipo bags that may put you in danger even you invest the money with Hobbymate lipo bag uses new material with double side fire proof material, both inside and outside can prevent you from lipo fires, so you have two layers protection for your lipos from fire danger in case there is an accident or when you need to storage the lipos in a safe place
Mini Size: 110*110*70 mm which can load about 6pcs 4 Cells 1400-1600mAh High Rates lipos

Package includes:
1 x Mini Lipo Bag

Customer Reviews

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Duncan S.
Does not take care of the customers

The picture of the bag with batteries is wrong. This is tiny. They would not accept a return.

Don D.
Very happy with my purchase

Very happy with my purchase

Conrad B.
Much like its larger brother, still well made and big enough to be useful and travel size.

This little guy is nice for smaller batteries. I first used it to charge a DIY pouch cell that I use to charge my phone on long days when I don't have access to grid power. Since then I use it to store some used 18650 cells. This bag gives me peace of mind that I won't burn down the house or shed if the batteries I store/charge decide to take a turn for the worse.

I did not do any destructive testing but it is made exactly like its larger brother so I assume that the destructive testing on the larger bag will hold true to this one.

Mark A.
Smaller than I thought, but great nonetheless

I was a little underwhelmed by the size when I first opened the package (for some reason I thought it was bigger, despite dimensions being listed,) but honestly, it's the perfect size. It easily fits more than enough whoop and 2s batteries for an hour or so of flying, or I can fit 6 4s batteries for my 5". The carry strap is nice to attach via a carabiner to my backpack for easy transport. Overall, I'm happy.

Glenn H.
Great little bag

I can fit 2 4s batteries in + 10 of my 1s batteries as well ,just right for a starter lipo bag