Hobbywing EzRun Max10 G2 Combo 140A ESC With 3665 G3 Motor

$129.90 USD
The EzRun Max10 G2 features an improved waterproof sensored cable interface and an upgraded sensored mode to achieve a great sense of control feel and perfectly matches the EzRun 3652/3665 SD G3 motors.
Supports Turbo timing adjustment of up to 32 degrees, and in combination with the EzRun 3652/3665 G3, the maximum speed is 25% more with greater effect.
The smart start-stop technology is introduced to the Max10 G2 ESC. The frameless fan will not be enabled to reduced noise and saving power. The fan will only work when the temperature rises to a certain level.
Compared with the previous generation of the MAX10 ESC, the total capacitance of the capacitor is increased by 74% and is overheating protected. The functions improve the power delivery from the battery to the ESC to avoid it from overloading and causing capacitors to explode.
Smart freewheeling technology enables the MAX10 G2 to have higher drive efficiency than the previous generation, resulting in lower operating temperatures and a minimum temperature of approximately 25°C lower than the previous generation.
After connecting the ESC with the OTA Bluetooth module, you can view the data (throttle amount, voltage, current, temperature, speed and etc) in real time through the mobile app to know the running status; The history of the running status can also be viewed by data logging.
The IP-67 waterproof system guarantees excellent waterproofing and dustproofing protection. The whole power system is able to drive on a variety of surfaces including mud, sand, ice, snow and water without damaging the power unit.

EZRUN 3665 SD Brushless G3 motor

Ezrun Series 3665 SD G3 3665  SD G3 3665  SD G3
KV 2400KV 3200KV 4000KV
P/n 30402604 30402607 30402608
LiPo 2-4S 2-3S

R. (Ω)
0.00816Ω 0.00555Ω
7.1A 8.2A
Motor Diameter
& Length
Φ=37 / L=65.8 Φ=37 / L=65.8 Φ=37 / L=65.8
Shaft Diameter
& Length
Φ=3.17 / L=16.5 Φ=3.17 / L=16.5 Φ=3.17 / L=16.5
Pole 4 4 4
Weight (g) 304.5g 304.4g 297.2g


+++ Important notes +++
"Minimum 70C suggested, lower C rating may be okay, however, it will not provide the intended experience. Also, How Power Plugs must be used. The surface area of your plugs must be "larger" than the wires installed or you will very likely have problems. TRX, "T Plug", EC plugs, and "Deans" are not suggested for today's setups."