AOK Cell Meter 8 Digital Battery Capacity Checker Servo Tester LCD Back light for LiPo Life Li-ion NiMH Nicd

$9.90 USD

AOK CellMeter 8 Digital Battery Capacity Checker Servo Tester LCD Back light

Item Name: CellMeter 8 battery capacity checker
Balance Current: 1A
Battery Voltage Test Precision: 0.001V
Battery Type: Can test Li-Po/Li-lon/Li-Fe(2-8S),NiCd/NiMH(4-8S) battery
Servo Test Range: 1000-2000us or 500-2500us

- High visibility LCD display screen
- Port for balance plug for up to 8 cell Lipo, LiFe, or Li-Ion batteries
- Can be used as Servo tester to test standard and narrow servo.
- can be used to check the battery voltage of Lithium batteries including Lipo, LiFe, Li-Ion, as well as NiMH and NiCd batteries.
- measure the voltage of both individual cells and full battery voltage, and can also indicate the highest voltage cell, lowest voltage cell and difference

Package Included:
1x Cell Meter 8 servo tester cell meter


1.It is upgrade version with back light.
2.the battery is not included, either the cable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kent T.
Does the job

Simple enough to use in the field and with some extra features to use on the workbench.

Olivier P.
Very good product, fast delivery,

Very good product, fast delivery, thank you, amazing charger for lipo.

Jesse B.
Great Lipo battery checker

This is great for checking your Lipo batteries while away from your battery charger. It has nice features. I use it the most when I’m out doing speed runs to keep track of how charged my batteries are. It also has the function to check servos if you need to. Would recommend to anyone.

Steve F.
Good, A good set of

A good set of instructions, it would be better.

Jeffrey W.
Nice little battery tool, a must have at the field!

This battery checker is by far the most accurate one I have ever owned. Everything came very well packed and the meter is well protected with all padding materials inside the box. I tested the checker on several of my batteries, from 3S to 6S, and compared the readings with my multimeter, just to find that the error was minimal. The backlit makes it much easier to use in dark environments. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the internal but it seems to have more chips than my other checkers. The PCB looks clean and the components were nicely organized. The meter also comes with servo and ESC test capabilities. It worked fine with my analog servos - I really love the knob which is used to adjust the pulse width. I did hook it up to my oscilloscope just to verify the accuracy and it turns out that the pulse width is very close to the value displayed on the screen. The battery discharge function is nice to have but is not very useful without the discharge module, so no test on that. Overall, this is a very good and accurate battery checker and a pretty handy tool at the field. I highly recommend!