Self-Locking Nylon Cable Zip Ties Fasten Cable 4 Colors Assortment 2.5 mm x 100 mm - 100 Pcs

$2.90 USD

100pcs Cable Ties 4 Color 2.5 x 100 mm Self-Locking Nylon Wire Cable Zip Ties Fasten Cable

Nylon cable ties 3 x 100 mm, actual width around 2.5 mm.
Color: red blue green yellow
Packing: 100 pcs 4 color
Size: 2.5 x 100 mm

It is used in binding links, lighting, motor, electronic toys and other products in the fixed line, the fixed of the mechanical equipment, the fixed of the cable line on the ship, the packing of the bicycle or the bundling of other objects, and can also be used in the bundling of agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts and so on.