Flysky FS-CEV04 Serial Bus Receiver for Flysky Noble NB4 Radio Transmitter FGR4 FGR4P FGR4S Inr4-Gyb iA4B iA6B iA10 Receiver

$6.90 USD
Flysky FS-CEV04 Serial Bus Receiver for Noble NB4 Transmitter

Channels: 4
Weight: 8.1g
Power: 4.0-6.5V
DC Size: 30*25.6*13mm
i-Bus Port: yes (FUTABA-3PIN * 2.54MM)
Compatible Receivers: iA4B(directly), iA6B(directly), iA10(conversion cable needed), FGR4, FGR4P, FGR4S, Inr4-Gyb

Function Details:

The system is able to support many channels. This allows the user of the system to change to a different output channel signal strength be insufficient i-BUS receiver, can connect 4 modules with 16 channels in serial at most. Button K1 and K4 correspond to C1 and C4 respectively.

Operation instruction (Taken from the FS-i10 User Manual):

FS-CEV04 i-BUS The "IN" port of FS-CEV04 receiver corresponds to "OUT" port of receiver.
FS-CEV04 i-BUS The "OUT" port of FS-CEV04 receiver is used to connect post level FS-CEV04 receiver.
Insert the bus receiver to receiver, and then switch on the matched transmitter and receiver. The LED will be on.
Select main menu of receiver setup to enter the interface of servo setup.
Select channel which need to be expanded, meanwhile LED of bus receiver is off.
Push relevant channel button by plastic needle of matching line. The setup is successful if LED flashes automatically.
Insert servo to check.
Set up 4 channels of bus receiver as above steps.
Just connect a new bus receiver with "OUT" port of first stage bus receiver if more channel needed. Set up the new one as above steps.
Notice: When the load of serial bus receiver is excessive and electric current is higher than usual, please supply power directly to the serial bus receiver or it will break cables.

Package include:
1 x FS-CEV04 i-BUS Serial bus receiver
1 x Connection wire