Flysky FS-GT5 RC Transmitter with FS-BS6 Gyro Receiver F.Safe Out of Control Protect, ABS Setting, AFHDS 2A

$54.90 USD

Flysky FS-GT5 is a 6 channel rc car transmitter (and FS-BS6 receiver) uses 2.4gHz reliable AFDHS2a protocol. Beyond throttle and steering there are 4 extra channels allow user to run practically any auxiliary item with mixers also available for crawler steering and the like. Full gyro control via remote and a very easy to navigate GUI. NTN semi-permeable, segment screen, VA52.5 * 34mm LCD Screen white HD and noble display. Fit most RC car/ boat/ trucks


Model type: Rc Car / Rc Truck / Rc Boat
RF Range:  2.408-2.475 GHz
Bandwidth:  500KHz
RF Power:  <20dBm
Receiving Sensitivity: -95dBm
Modulation Type:  GFSK
Transfer Method:  FHSS
Channel Resolution:  4096
Channel Delay:  < 15ms
Power Input:  4.0-8.4V DC
Low Voltage Alarm:  AA batteries 4.4V; 2S lithium battery <7.4V
Display:  NTN semi-permeable, segment screen, VA52.5 * 34mm LCD white backlight
Range: (No ground interference): > 200m
Channel Data Parameters Median:  1500us, Range: 900 ~ 2100us



Flysky GT5 F.SAFE Out of Control Protection - Through set out of control output value, you can set Multiple Channels Out of Control Protection, make the remote controller mode smooth and steady stop when accidentally disconnected

ABS function (automatic brake): This function only adjusts the throttle channel, including six kinds of parameter settings, automatic brake settings to adapt to different models of track, to achieve the best braking effect and cornering control effect.

Rc Crawler Truck CRAWL function (climbing car mode), SVC function (smart car control mode), gyro stability function.4 Climbing Mode - With 4 Climbing Mode, revolutionary control optimization for climbing cars, easier handling, more freedom to distribute functions

Flysky GT5 remote controller can store 20 models, each model can set the parameters separately, but also can write the model name easy to remember. Keep all cars specific trims and End Point Adjustment (EPA) setting data to avoid massive immigrating data from other radio transmitters.

Package include:
1 x FS-GT5 Transmitter
1 x FS-BS6 Receiver

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Glen C.
More than I expected

I first saw this radio on YouTube. The guy was very excited about the settings, how good it was. When my steering on rtr got crappy I revisited the video, and decided to give this one a try. Happy I did

Henry G.
Affordable 6 Channel Transmitter/Receiver Combo

As the title says an affordable 6 Channel system with a lot of options for customization. The transmitter is well designed from the folding antenna. the option to use different batteries using the jst connector, the rubber grip and foam steering and the nice big well lit or should I say back lit screen. Unfortunately, the receiver that came with the radio was a dud. It wouldn't activate my new 9g servos but thankfully I got a second receiver with my initial order so I was able to play around with the available options on the transmitter. Plus it's very easy to program even w/o the manual. Plus it's nice to be able to store multiple cars/trucks in one transmitter.

Philip M.
Saved money and received in reasonable time

Package was a little beat up but item was fine. This transmitter is awsome, at least for me because I'm cheap. The controls for a four wheel steer with lights or winches are outstanding for the price. The only complaint I come up with is the instruction manual is about worthless, so it took a little time and videos to figure out.

Erik B.
Cant beat this remote

So many different settings. Still trying to figure it all out.

Tim M.
Fly sky Fsgt5

Best radio money can buy for the price ! Put receivers in both my boats and had incredible range ! I would definitely recommend these items ! Thank you hobbymatehobby for great service and great response !

<p>Thanks Tim for your great positive feedback, it encourages our team to work harder for your future order and other customers.</p>