WFLY ET16 Transmitter Compatible 4IN1 R9M TBS Crossfire Module with RF209S 9CH Receiver for RC Drone

$148.80 USD
WFLY ET16 Transmitter Compatible 4IN1 R9M TBS Crossfire Module with RF209S 9CH Receiver for RC Drone

Brand Name: WFLY
Item Name: ET16 Transmitter with RF209S Receiver
Weight: 1500g

RF209S Receiver:
Frequency band: 2.4GHz
Working voltage: 3.5-13V
Working current: 95mA
Resolution: full channel 4096 resolution
PPM: Support
W.BUS: Compatible with S.BUS
W.BUS2: Telemetry sensor input
Two-way transmission: support
Out of control protection: support
Online upgrade: support
Relay flight: support
180/270° steering gear: support
Receiver port settings: support
External voltage detection: DC 0-96V
Size: 47 x 14 x 25 MM
Weight: 12g

ET16 Transmitter:
Channel: 16 channels
Working voltage: 3.5-13V (1-3S lithium battery)
Working current: 260-400mA
Resolution: full channel 4096 resolution
Frequency band: 2.4GHz (support two-way transmission)
Frequency hopping: new FHSS frequency hopping (64 points, 3.6ms)
Storage: 30 groups of models
Mixing: 10 groups of programming mixing
Language: Chinese‘English
Upgrade: USB online upgrade
Display: 3.5-inch touch screen, 480 x 320, color screen
180/270° steering gear: support
Voice: Support voice broadcast
Wireless copy: model data
External tuner: support

Support various models of helicopters, fixed wing, multi-rotor, gliders, car, ships, boat, robots and other models
Full channel 4096 resolution (PWM/PPM 4096, S.Bus2048)
3.5-inch Chinese/English color touch screen with 480 x 320 resolution for outdoor reading
Full channel user-defined switch
Receiver port settings
New frequency hopping protocol, 3.6ms response speed, 64-point frequency hopping, support data return function
Voice broadcast function: telemetering voice, attitude selection, throttle stop, throttle lock, coaching, fine-tuning and other functions broadcast
180/270 degree servo, dual engine function
Support display of each sensor data
Wireless relay flight, wireless copy, wireless transmission of model data
USB online upgrade, 1-3S wide voltage power supply

Package Included:
1 x ET16 Transmitter
1 x RF209S Receiver
1 x Hanging Strap
1 x Voltage Inspection Wire
1 x 18650 Battery Bay
1 x Manual File
1 x Sticks Accessories