Moxon antenna for 2.4G/915MHz/868MHz TX module directional antenna high gain of 5.5dbi for fpv drone quadcopter

$6.90 USD

The Moxon antenna is designed and manufactured by BETAFPV for the 2.4G/915MHz/868MHz TX module. The Moxon antenna is a directional antenna with a high gain of 5.5dbi to the front. 


Moxon Antenna

  • Coaxial cable length: 49mm(2.4G)/72mm(915M/868M)
  • Connector: SMA Male
  • Gain: 5.6dBi(2.4G)/5.7dBi(915M)/5.7dBi(868M)
  • VSWR: <2.0(2.4G)/<2.0(915M)/<2.0(868M)
  • Suggested for: BETAFPV Nano TX Module/BETAFPV Micro TX ModuleAny 2.4G/868MHz/915MHz TX module or radios

Moxon Antenna V2

  • Coaxial cable length: 65mm(2.4G)/90mm(915M)
  • Connector: SMA Male
  • Gain: 5.4dBi(2.4G)/5.9dBi(915M)
  • VSWR: <2.0(2.4G)/<2.0(915M)
  • Polarization type: Linear polarization
  • Suggested for: Any 2.4G/915MHz TX module or radios
  • Suggested for: BETAFPV Nano TX Module/BETAFPV Micro TX Module, Any 2.4G/868MHz/915MHz TX module or radios

New Features on Moxon Antenna V2

BETAFPV Moxon Antenna has been very popular with pilots since its release. By taking the features of Moxon and adding some new ones, the coaxial cable of Moxon V2 is soldered to the antenna, decreasing the signal transmission loss for better performance. Besides, the soldered joint is protected by an injection molding cover, making it a whole unit and very easy to install.

Which antenna should I choose? Can it replace the stock radio antenna on the Frsky Taranis series or TBS Tango series?

Pilots would upgrade their radios that already support swappable antennas with this Moxon antenna. Note that do NOT use the antenna with the wrong frequency. Even if they look almost the same outside, they will have totally different performances at the wrong frequency point. 

The BETAFPV Moxon antenna is directional to the front. Below is the antenna 3D radiation pattern image.


  • 2 * BETAFPV Moxon Antenna or 1 * BETAFPV Moxon Antenna V2

Package includes:
1 x Antenna