Jumper T16 Internal Multi-Protocol Module Upgrade Replacement Parts - One Set

$24.90 USD

Jumper T16 Internal Multi-Protocol Module Upgrade Replacement Parts

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If you were early to buy the T16 radio, now you can upgrade it to have the internal module like the Pro version does with this simple DIY kit. The advantage of having the multiple protocol module installed internally is that it leaves the module bay to be used for another module like the TBS Crossfire or FrSky R9 system. The kit is very easy to install, it takes around 5 minutes and doesn't require soldering work.

The module is a must have for customer to upgrade to internal module, Installation took 5-15 minutes and is very simple. Firmware update is a little involved but it works fine without it if you're ok with Jumper TX. YouTube has step by step instructions. You will need to update JumperTX on the radio for the internal module option in the menu. The modules come with no bootloader, updating the firmware fixes that and then the module can be updated through OpenTx/JumperTX like the Taranis. The module has the plug on the board required for the update. You will need a FTDI interface and a cable. The same cable that comes with the FrSky R-SXR Rx ironically works. eBay has the cable if you don't have this Rx. The cable is not ruined using it for this so no worries.

Package include:

1 x set of internal module replacement parts