Insta360 GO Thumb Vlog Smart Anti-shake Action Camera Beta95X 85X V2 Version HD drone Camera rc racing drone part

$193.99 USD

Insta360 GO Thumb Vlog Smart Anti-shake Action Camera Beta95X 85X V2 Version HD drone Camera rc racing drone part

FlowState anti-shake technology, AI editing, slow motion, anti-splash, install anywhere, free rotation, movement delay.

Product description:
1.30 seconds small video
Born to be wonderful for this moment.
With just one click, GO can shoot 30-second small videos anytime, anywhere, and the wonderful moments are not to be missed. Using the AI ​​editing function, you can create your super blockbuster with one click.
Insta360 GO is designed to capture wonderful moments, in order to reduce the cost of post-editing, the default

shooting is 30 seconds.
Insta360 GO can shoot short videos of 15 seconds and 30 seconds. Motion delay and positioning delay can shoot more.

2.FlowState anti-shake technology
Compact anti-shake free shot.
Insta360 GO uses FlowState anti-shake technology to keep the picture incredibly smooth and smooth, without the need for a pan and tilt, saving trouble.

3.Al editing
You are responsible for recording, and the editing is given to GO.
With Al editing technology, the GO mobile app can automatically filter the material, find the shot, match the music, and release the film with one click.
AI editing function currently only supports IOS version, Android version will be launched soon

4. Time-lapse photography
Positioning delay, recording time footprint.
Insta360 GO can take several hours of positioning time-lapse photography at once. Find the ideal location, set the shooting interval and capture the flow of time, and watch the clouds and clouds.

5. Slow motion
Capture the fleeting dynamics.
Insta360 GO achieves 100fps slow motion recording, allowing you to carefully recall every interesting moment.

6. Free spin
"Inception" type rotating blockbuster.
Gently swipe to adjust the rotation angle arbitrarily. There is no need for expensive equipment and specific techniques to rotate the universe and take control.

7. Not afraid of wind and rain
The Insta360 GO waterproof is IPX4, and the bare metal is splash-proof, so it can handle rain and splashes at any time.
Insta360 GO is not suitable for shooting underwater for a long time, and the splash area can be immersed for up to 10 seconds.

1 x Insta360 GO + Charge Case
1 x Magnet Pendant
1 x Easy Clip
1 x Angle Wedge
1 x Sticky Base
1 x Pivot Stand and Pivot Stand Base
1 x Charge Cable
1 x Micro-USB to USB Type-C cable
1 x Quick Start Manual