HOBBYMATE Portable Ultimate Digital Pocket Scale 200G/0.01G, 6 Modes g/ oz/ gn/ ct/ dwt/ ozt

$9.90 USD

HOBBYMATE Portable Ultimate Digital Scale 200G/0.01G

Compact and light and powered by 2 AAA batteries (included), the Pocket Scale provides the means for highly accurate and precise weight measurement on your workbench or in your pit at any race from club-level to international-level. From chassis trim weight measurement (to ensure adherence to racing regulations) to tire weight measurement (to balance the four corners of your on-road or off-road vehicle), the Pocket Scale offers easy-to-use and intuitive controls, auto-calibration, and an easy-to-read backlit LCD display. Whether it be static weighing or tare weighing, the Pocket Scale is a high-precision instrument to enhance your racing experience.

Pocket Digital Scale Specifications:
1、Units Conversion: g/ oz/ gn/ ct/ dwt/ ozt 
2、Weight Capacity: 200g
3、Sensitivity: 0.01g
4、Error Range: ±0.01g
5、Product size: 5.04*3.0*0.75inch
6、Product Net Weight: 248g
7、Power supply mode: 2*1.5V AAA battery (included)

How to Use the Scale:
1、Place scale on a horizontal flat surface, press ON/OFF switch to turn it on
2、Wait for several seconds until "0.00" is displayed
3、Put the object(s) on the weighing platform

Tare Weighing:
1、Turn on the scale as described above
2、Place the "tare item" on the platform
3、Press TARE and wait for several seconds until "0.00" is displayed
4、Add the "net-weight-item"

For accurate measurements, here are some usage considerations as below:
1. The scale must be placed on a very stable horizontal flat platform, even small vibrations can affect the accuracy, sometimes significantly affecting the readings.
2. No vibration and wind environment.
3. When using for the first time, please use the weight to calibrate the weighing. The change of latitude and longitude will affect its accuracy.
4. When you press the "TARE" Button, your bowl+your water(food)≤200g.