Hobbymate Full Range S.Bus Receiver 16 Ch Support Lua Script, w/ S.Port Telemetry, Compatible with Frsky Radio Transmitter

$10.90 USD
Full Range S.Bus Receiver 16 Ch Support Lua Script, w/S.Port Telemetry
  • Ultra Micro FPV Drone Receiver w/ S. Port
  • Support telemetry and Smart Port enabled
  • Weight 2.5 Grams
  • Up to 16 Channels, compatible with Frsky Transmitter D16 Mode, support jumper transmitter
  • Support LUA script on Taranis Transmitters
Dimension: 20*15*4mm (without antenna)
Weight: <2g
Number of channels: 16ch (SBUS)
RSSI (Signal Strength Indication) output: 0-3.3v
Data return: S.port
Operating voltage range: 4.0~6V
Operating current range: 80mA@5V
Effective distance: full distance (>1.5km)
Antenna: IPEX replaceable
compatibility: FrSky D16 Mode

Binding method:
Press and hold the receiver's bind button, turn on or connect the power, the red and light green light is constant, this indicates the receiver is ready to bind. 
Follow the required steps to start bind procedure with your particular radio.
Once the receiver is successfully bound the green light flashes slowly. Exit the bind mode with your radio. Power off and on the receiver, now the green light is on. When the receiver loses its signal, the red light is on