Flysky Noble Pro Radio Transmitter with Fgr4b Fgr8b Receiver for Rc Car Boat Truck Crawlers

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Flysky Noble Pro 18 Channels Surface Radio Transmitter for Rc Car Rc Boat Rc Truck Rc Crawlers with FGR4B FGR8B Receiver AFHDS3 Protocol US Version

A global new-generation 18CH "All Terrain Control" super performance surface transmitter uses the more advanced transmitter technology, to help you challenge the all-terrain RC surfaces.
The 2CH (extreme speed) mode breaks through our limit of latency, and opens up a new range by using the new radio frequency library algorithm.
The multi-dimensional adjustable and expandable system and new ergonomic design brings you an unprecedented new experience of ultimate remote control!


1. Noble Pro global new generation 18CH "all-terrain control" super performance pistol transmitter, uses the more advanced transmitter technology to help you challenge the all-terrain RC surfaces.
Noble Pro supports 7 channel modes, that is, 2ch (extreme speed), 4ch, 6ch,8ch,10ch,12ch, and 18ch.
The 2CH (extreme speed) mode, along with the latest SR/SFR servo mode , allows us to once again successfully break through
The high power firmware with more reliable new RF library makes Noble Pro's range increased by 50 m*compared to NB4(standard firmware). The maximum ground remote control distance can reach 350 m.(Meanwhile, it supports the RF module relay station solution 2. As a result, the ground range can easily exceed 1 Km)
The multi-battery system supports the wireless charging, with super battery lasting capability for more than 10 hours* in the RC marathon-similar distance.
In the standard configuration, the thumb can implement the infinite knob adjustment through two left and right steering wheels, to achieve the high-level blind manipulation play (for example, climbing, turnaround in very small radius, and vertical upward/downward movement in slopes, etc.) in the breaking transmission in ratio without loosening the throttle and steering wheel.
There is a true combination of three-position switch with self-return and three-position switch. This is what you wish. Noble Pro will let you control whatever they are, for example, gears, overhead lights, wipers, seat adjustment, steering wheel rotation, hood switch as long as you need.
In addition to the NB4 Brake Mixing and Programming Mixes, the 4wS Mixing, Track Mixing, and Drive Mixing are added for the first time. when you face different complex terrains, Noble Pro can perfectly help your realize every precise driving operation. The new channel speed segmentation function allows you to set the channel speed in three segments to meet the special needs of high-speed vehicles (drag racing).
It supports the cruise control function. Therefore you can easily set the fixed speed and enjoy the play.
Noble Pro supports the dual receivers (AFHDS3 enhanced version) with any combination. The standard configuration is the compact FGR4B and FGR8B.
There are up to 9 types of AFHDS3 receivers for 3 different applications (vehicles and boats): different number of channels
(4CH~12CH), different sizes, two antenna types (built-in/external) different waterproof grades (PPX6/PPX7), gyroscope functions.(GMR+GYO1/ING4-GYB),
and built-in special functions (IBUS2 function, Newport function and BVD battery voltage detection function).
Noble Pro supports temperature, voltage and speed sensors (both magnetic and light induction).The transmitter can display information such as receiver supply voltage, RSSl and signal strength in real time.
Three built-in high-performance processing chips allow Noble Pro to have an unprecedented performance boost. New dazzling UI bring you a more wonderful touch experience.
2. Multi-dimensional adjustable and expandable surface transmitter system and new ergonomic design makes Noble Pro a unique and advanced customization in all your high performance transmitters.
The steering wheel can be 200’horizontal infinitely rotatable. The unique titanium silver CNC aluminum alloy phone holder is 270° vertical infinitely adjustable. It is easy to store and quickly to adjust the whole transmitter.
The throttle triggering adjustment block supports three specifications (L,M, and S) and two materials (metal and plastic)for your choice.
The standard configuration is two kinds of steering wheel travel limit engagers (steering wheel brake pad) to realize the free switching between the fixed angle of steering wheel physical travel (35° ) and specific angle infinitely adjustable(20°~32'). It is able to find the best balance between the steering wheel sensitivity and movement delicacy.
The configuration size includes two sets of CNC metal hub pattern steering wheel with the thinner shape. There is a higher porosity of high-touch steering wheel sponge.
The woven texture of the large grip fits more closely to the RC driver's hand surface. The woven texture is more breathable and heat dissipating, reducing the uncomfortable feeling from prolonged grip and sweating.
Both the throttle triggering and steering wheel are equipped with two types of soft and hard springs for selection, allowing you to choose the linear feedback that better suits your throttle triggering and steering wheel.
RC driver can choose the weight of Noble Pro according to their own remote control needs. The lightest Noble Pro is only 398 g. The weight is only 560 g after installing the rechargeable base to extend 8h* of extra battery life. In addition, you can also install the metal handle and cell phone holder as needed. No matter which weight you select, there is a superior balance of gravity.

3. Noble Pro's unique additional features are also more amazing.
The FS-RMOO5 RF module is preset at the bottom of the grip. When inserted, it can be perfectly adapted to Kyosho Mini-Z RWD, AWD, 4K4, FWD, and Buggy models.
Noble Pro. Like NBA, supports direct connection to a computer with a USB cable without dongle. Therefore, you can play the VRC Pro and other RC simulators at home anytime.
RC drivers can easily get the latest firmware import export and hack up model data, carry out tutorial and after-sales services by simply using "Flysky Assistant" (Flysky transmitter Integrated Tool PC software).
The standard configuration of Noble Pro includes almost all the necessary transmitter accessories for top RC competitors: aluminum frame with black carbon fiber control box, Flysky logo hand strap, four L and s springs, 7 titanium silver aluminum CNC bracket assemblies (including handle and phone holder), 4 different types of throttle trigger adjustment blocks, stylish record-shaped wireless charging base that is able to charge the Noble Pro and phones, beautiful stickers, two sets of beautiful metal hub steering wheels, two sets of steering wheel travel limiting engagers (brake pads), two AFHDS3 enhanced receivers with the latest features FGR4B and two wrench tools.
With continuous firmware updates, Noble Pro will iterate more powerful functional firmware in the future.
Noble Pro is a high-performance transmitter for users of different RC levels. For beginners (Noble Pro supports beginner mode) or professional RC champion players, it is quick and easy to operate, featuring simple logics , comprehensive functions, and customized display menus.

4. Noble Pro is a master in different ground model application scenarios for the special needs of each RC driver.
Buggy & On-road
Supporting 2CH(top speed) mode.
Extremely fast response, with a delay less than 3 ms
Maximum ground remote control distance up to 350m(FCC hardware)*.(remote control distance of more than 1KM* by using RF relay 2).
Longer remote control distance and stronger anti-interference by usingAFHDS3 protocol and the latest RF library.
Several optional racing receivers(FGR4B/FGR4S/FGR4/FGR4P).Hand wheel and throttle trigger provided with two types of springs. Latest SR and SFR servo frequency debugging mode.
Supporting the steering/throttle rate and curve functions. And wheel size, hand wheel angle..
For flat road drifting vehicle, Noble Pro supports SVC(Smart Vehicle Control System)function with INR4-GYB(Built-in gyroscope) and GMR(external FS-GY01 gyroscope module) for drifting and straight-ahead control of 1/10 drifting vehicle.

5. Mini cars
The FS-RM005 RF module is provided at the bottom of the grab handle. It can be perfectly fit with various vehicles such as Kyosho Mini-Z(FHSS)RWD, AWD, 4X4,FWD and Buggy, and suitable for open frame;
Combination with GMR 4CH receiver(2.35*1.35*0.7cm/1.7g) for mini vehicle;
Supporting SVC(Smart Vehicle Control System) in combination with INR4-GYB(built-in gyroscope) receiver and GMR(External FS-GY01 gyroscope module);
FS-MiniZRF3 compatible with Kyosho EVO series.
6. Crawler
In addition to your vehicle, the avant-garde design and color scheme is
another reason for your models to attract RC partners around you from now on.
The 18 channels allow the modifications and simulations to be made freely.(sound group, light group, winch, front and rear differential lock, handbrake, front and rear drive, time-sharing four-wheel drive, chassis lift)
The 2-position and 3-position switches make operations smoother and more comfortable (gears, overhead lights, wipers, seat adjustment, steering wheel rotation, hood switch)
The titanium silver metal phone holder allows you to capture the wonderful moment of your vehicle at any time. The real-time monitoring images are captured by the vehicle-mounted sports camera, in an extraordinary view.
Standard mobile phone holder allowing a single person to shoot excellent videos.
The portable charger base is available for recharging your cell phones at any time to continue the shooting.
Powerful MIXES systems: Brake Mixing, Programming Mixes,4WS Mixing, and Drive Mixing, allowing you to drive accurately and perfectly through different terrains such as hard rock/sandstone/flat road/jungle/gravel/steps/shallow beach.
The receiver motherboard in the standard configuration is fully sprayed with Nano-coating, at PPX64 waterproof grade to more effectively resist the outdoor splash and sludge.
Super battery lasting capability for more than 10 hours in the RC marathon-similar distance.
The weight of the transmitter is optional, and the lightest one is only 398 g.
Standard FGr4B+FGr8B receiver, or other optional AFHDS3 receivers of combination of dual receivers to fully unlock the restrictions of receiver on crawler vehicles.
The light and small 4CH receiver GMR and FTr4 meet the special requirements of potent crawler on the volume and weight of the receiver.
Standard configuration of two stepless knobs at the left and right thumb finger positions perfectly realize high-stage play such as potent crawler at proportional power interrupt without releasing throttle and hand wheel.

7. Boat model
Supporting the boat mode: After this function is activated, the throttle channel is kept at the lowest speed and the brake function is invalid.
Supporting throttle idle function (optional throttle lock).
In addition to the standard PPX64splash-proof receiver, we will also launch thePPX74 waterproof grade marine receiver successively.
Dual receiver function: For functional boat models (tugboats, warships), use the dual receiver to achieve the split control.
The track mixing is applicable to the control of dual-propeller powered boats. Supporting cruise control function.
Supporting model switch between the transmitter and receivers in power-on state to Rescue Ship on the transmitter for rescue.

8. More models
Up to 18 channels can be configured for cargo trucks, including light and sound groups.
The track mixing can realize the synchronization of different movements of the tracked models at the same speed.
For remote control cars, Noble Pro can be used with the FRM302 relay station 2,with a remote control distance of 1~2km.

*Unless otherwise specified, the data in the above pages are all theoretical values obtained from the Flysky internal laboratory under specific testing environments according to standard procedures. They may Vary slightly in actual use due to individual product differences, production lots, accessories, use conditions and environmental factors.
1. SR and SFR servo mode 1 is only available for servos that support Flysky SR and SFR protocols.
2. Visit for the settings of RF Relay Scheme 2.
3. Noble Pro can be used with 9 kinds of receivers of 3 generations in combination, includingFGr4B,FGr8B, FGr12B, FGr4, FGR4P, GMR, and two receivers that will be launched soon.
4. PPX6/PPX74 are internal special waterproof identifier prepared by Flysky according to the IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) protection level system drafted by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTRECHNICAL COMMISSION) in combination with special applications in the transmitter industry. The waterproof grade of PPX6/PPX7 is equivalent to IPX6/IPX7.

Package include:
1 x Flysky Noble Pro Radio Transmitter
1 x FGR4B Receiver
1 x FGR8B Receiver
1 x Hand Strap
1 x Stickers

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