10 Channels Flysky i6s Radio Transmitter w/ iA6b Receiver and FPV Monitor Mount Bracket for Multi-rotors Quadcopter

$69.90 USD
10 Channels Flysky i6s Radio Transmitter Touch Screen w/ iA6b Receiver and FPV Monitor Mount Bracket for Multi-rotors Quadcopter

Each transmitter has a unique ID,when binding with a receiver,the receiver saves that unique ID and can accepts only data from the unique transmitter.this avoids picking another transmitter signal and dramatically increase interference immunity and safety.
Works in the frequency range of 2.405 to 2.475GHz.This band has been divided into 142 independent channels,each radio system uses 16 different channels and 160 different types of hopping algorithm.Silm design on transmitter for easy handling!
This radio system uses a high gain and high quality multi directional antenna,it covers the whole frequency band. Associated with a high sensitivity receiver,this radio system guarantees a jamming free long range radio transmission.
This radio system uses low power electronic components and sensitive receiver chip.The RF modulation uses intermittent signal thus reducing even more power consumption.
Bidirectional Communication.Capable of sending and receiving data,each transmitter is capable of receiving data from temperature,altitude and many other types of sensors,servo calibration and i-Bus Support

Please Note:
This is Mode 2(Left Hand Throttle), Self Centering Throttle Support combining 2 switches as 1 channel, and channels can be user-defined.
Match with both FS-iA6B (6channel)(included) / FS-iA10B(10channel) receiver (not included)
The AFHDS 2A (Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System Second Generation) developed and patented by Flysky is specially developed for all radio control models. Offering superior protection against interference while maintaining lower power consumption and high reliable receiver sensitivity.
Available for adding mobile devices.

Brand Name: FlySky                                         
Item Name: FS-i6s transmitter Channel: 10                                                     
Model Type: Quadcopter Channel resolution: 4096 steps                          
Low voltage warning: less than 4.2v ANT length: 26 x 2mm( dual antenna)                 
Weight: 410g
Battery: 6v 1.5 AA x 4(not included)                    
Size: 179 x 81 x 161mm
Color: Sliver                                                     
Certificate: CE ,FCC

RF Range: 2.405 - 2.475GHz                             
Bandwidth: 500khz
RF Power: less than 20dBm                              
RF mode: AFHDS 2A
Modulation type: GFSK                                      
RX Sensibility: -105dBm

Receiver Specification:
Item Name: IA6B                                              
Channel: 6
Model type: fixed wing/helicopter/glider               
RF receiver sensitivity: -105dBm
Modulation: GFSK                                            
System type: AFHDS2A/AFHDS
Channel resolution: 1024 steps                          
Bind port: yes
Power port: yes( VCC)                                       
Power: 4V -6.5V DC Weight: 14.9g                                                  
Antenna lenght: 26mm Size: 47.4*262.2*15 mm                                    

Certificate: CE ,FCC

Package Including:
1 * FS-i6s transmitter
1 * FS-iA6b Receiver
1 * FPV monitor mount bracket