DJI Smart Controller Screen Protector Against Scratches, Made from High Hardness Tempered Glass - Pgytech

$5.90 USD
The PGYTECH Screen Protector for the DJI Smart Controller is designed to protect the screen of dji remote control. It made from high-hardness tempered glass with a 2.5D arc edge process.
The electrostatic nano-absorption assists the perfect fitting without curling; providing a full-screen coverage, keeping a natural sensitive touch, and resistant against scratches.


Full screen seamless coverage with a 2.5D arc rounded edge with no bounds.


Scratch-resistant high-hardness tempered glass

 Effective protection of the DJI smart controller screen

Smooth, natural, and accurate to touch with 0.5mm thickness

Easy to install

Just align it with the edge of the screen; the electrostatic nano-adsorption will fix it.