DJI Mavic Mini Drone Landing Gear Extensions, Prevent Dirt or Damage, Foldable Design - Pgytech

$14.90 USD

DJI Mavic Mini Drone Landing Gear Extensions

Key Features
4 x Landing Gear Extensions
Raise Your DJI Mavic Mini by 1"
Helps Prevent Dirt and Damage to Drone
Silicone Foot Padding
Elevate your drone 25mm;features a quick-release foldable design, quick installation; no need to be removed when the drone is folded and stored, which is convenient and practical.

Heighten your DJI Mavic Mini drone by 1" with these lightweight Landing Gear Extensions from PGYTECH. The four extensions snap onto the drone's existing legs and offer silicone padding to protect the drone from scratches and dirt on any terrain. The extensions can remain on the drone when being folded and put in storage.

Four landing gear extensions raise your DJI Mavic Mini drone by 1"
Silicone and plastic materials help protect the Mavic Mini and provide soft takeoff and landing
The extensions are molded to easily snap onto the Mavic Mini landing gear legs
They are so lightweight they do not affect flight performance

Package include:
4 x landing gear