Hobbywing Combo EZRUN MAX10 + Engine 3652SL 4000kv G2 1/10

$89.90 USD
Combo EZRUN MAX10 + Engine 3652SL 4000kv G2 1/10 Hobbywing

Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch
The MAX10 features an electronic switch with a lifespan of over 50000 on/off cycles, housed in a completely waterproof, dust-proof and shock-resistant design.

Regular Firmware Updates Free of Charge
You can upgrade the MAX10 with the Hobbywing WiFi/USB LINK software, a WiFi module/ LED or LCD program box and a smartphone/laptop. Hobbywing updates its ESC firmware regularly giving you upgraded features more often when available.


Scale - 1/10th
Brushed/Brushless - BL
Sensored/Sensorless - SL
Waterproof - Yes

Cont./Peak Current - 60A/450A
Input Voltage - 2-3S LiPo/6-9 Cells NiMH
BEC Output - Switch Mode: 6V/7.4V,3A

Wires & Connectors
Input Wires - Red-14AWG-200mm*1/Black-14AWG-200mm*1
Output Wires - Black-14AWG-200mm*3
Input Connectors - No
Output Connectors - 3.5 Bullet Connectors (Female)
(Note: All the wire length above is the original length not the length you see from the outside.)

Size - 25.0x25.0x10.0mm
Voltage Range - 5-7.4V
Powered by - BEC

ESC Programing via
SET Button on ESC - Supported
LED Program Box - Supported
LCD Program Box - Supported
WiFi Module - Supported
Program Port - PRG/Fan Port

Firmware Upgrade - Supported

Size & Weight
Size - 39.4x32.8x23.1mm
Weight - 67.8g

SL BL Motors/SD BL Motors (only in SL mode)
1/10th Buggy, On-road, and Light-weight 2WD SCT, Truck and Monster Truck
Max KV Rating/T Count for the 60A ESC included in this set:
2S LiPo: KV=6000
3S LiPo: KV=4000 (3652 Series of Motors)