AGFRC RFSS04S 4CH Receiver Futaba Compatible S-FHSS / T3PV

$22.99 USD

RECEIVER RFSS04S AGFRC 2.4G 4CH Compatible Futaba S-FHSS Receiver for Mini RC Drone FPV Aircraft


Compatible : Futaba S_FHSS / TM-FH RF Module remote control system

Suitable for Futaba 18MZ, 14SG, 10J, 8J, 6J,4PX, 7PX, 4PV, 3PV etc. S_FHSS remote control



Operating Voltage: 4.8V~8.4V

Dimension: 38x18x8mm

Weight: 4g

No. Of Channels: 4CH

Antenna: Single Antenna


1) High quality PA to ensure high receiving sensitivity;

2) Short antenna, micro size with 4CH output, especially designed for mini aircraft to save mounting space;

3) Compatible with Futaba S_FHSS system, suitable for more transmitters.