AGFRC MRF16CH SBUS D16 Mode Mini Receiver Especially Compatible with Frsky

$22.99 USD

16CH RC Receiver - SBUS D16 Mini Receiver Especially Compatible with Frsky Multirotor Speed Controller (MRF16CH)


Item Name: MRF16CH

Operating Voltage: 4.8V~8.4V

Dimension: 26x19.2x5mm (exclude antenna)

Weight: 3.8g

Channels: S-BUS (16CH) + CPPMR (8CH) + RSSI (PWM)

Antenna: Dual-antenna

Communication Data: Bidirection communication

Compatible OPEN TX FRSKY D16 remote control system

Compatibility: FRSKY XSR, XJT and X9D,X9DP,X9E,X12S in D16 mode

  • Feature
  • 1) High quality PA to ensure high receiving sensitivity;
  • 2) Dual-antenna design, available to mount in different angle to increase the reception reliability;
  • 3) Dual serial signal S-BUS/PPM (8CH) output, connect directly to flight control system, especially for mini multirotor and aircraft to save mounting space;
  • 4) RSSI(PWM) output, available to detect the signal changes of the radio control via receiver.

  • Bind Procedure
  • 1. Turn on transmitter, select MENU and enter MODEL SETUP, select D16 mode and start BIND function;
  1. Press and hold the SW on the receiver and power on, the GREEN LED on and RED change to flash means bind completely.
  2. Transmitter exit BIND function, power-on again the receiver, GREEN LED on means BING successfully;
  3. If failed binding, please repeat above steps.