HOBBYMATE Lipo Battery Safe Guard Bag, Peace of mind

HOBBYMATE Lipo Battery Safe Bag Lipo Battery Guard Bag Fireproof Explosionproof Pouch Sack for Charge & Storage

For safer charging and storage of batteries
Fireproof and Explosionproof Warning:
Never leave charging battery unattended.
Always ensure the battery is on a non-flammable surface.
Ensure flap is sealed while charging
The Lipo safe bag is intended to reduce the chances of damaged in the event of a lipo fire.
Always remember to comply with li-poly charging and safety guidelines and never leave charging or damaged lipo batteries unattended
These bags are made of super strong fire retardant fiberglass woven fabric and will stand very high temperatures for a reasonable period of time.
The bags are stitched together with an extremely strong fire retardant thread and the flap is secured in place with hook and loop tape.
Ideal as a LiPoly charging bag, but superb for encasing your battery when it is installed on your model if the untoward ever happens.

Specification :
Use: for safer charging and storage of batteries
Dimensions (LxWxD): 20*15*15 cm
Weight: 160g
Material: Textile Fiberglass Material with Fire retardant coating

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