Download the Targethobby QAV210 FPV quadcopter instruction manual, it will provie you support on building your own FPV racing quadcopters with the 3K real carbon kit.
This manual shows 5 steps to build your quadcopters, from the kit hardware build to cleanflight software configuration.

By giving out warning sound, targethobby 3in1 multifunction lipo low voltage buzzer help you from damage or overdischarging your lipos during flight.
In this manual, you will find the functions of the device, congiguration details .

The most popular BLheli ESC from Hobbymate which aim at colabrate with popular 180 210 250 size Quadcopter Kits building, the hobbymate 15A BLheli with bootloader fits well with most racing quacopters needs.
In this manual you will be able to check specification, refer to programming chart, check the link of programming the esc, so as to work on your building of your quadcopter easier and faster.

ownload and check the specification and program details in the manual, which will help you get more info from the hobbymate 12A esc, as well as the tips in programming the esc by transmitter.

Hobbymate 3 axis rc airplane EPP flyer stabilizer gyro for new rc begginers, download the manual for more help in configuration on different aircraft, such as tri-angel wing flyer, slowflyer, foamy plane .

This fc use NAZE32 6DOF hardware, software compatible with ALIENFLIGHTF1 or Naze in Cleanflight Configurator. The fc use 3oz 4 layers high quality PCB, support quadcopters or hexcopters, each brushed motor continuously working current can reach up to 6A, onboard 5V 400mA switching power BEC output for RX receiver or other equipment

HOBBYMATE Brushed F3 Mini Flight Controller for Micro FPV Quadcopter Support 1 – 2S lipo, Compatible DSM2/DSMX S.Bus PPM Radio Receiver – Manual Instruction

Hobbymate HBS100 Servo Tester Lipo Voltage display ESC Pulse measurement – Manual Instruction

HOBBYMATE Micro 5.8 G 48 Channel AIO VTX FPV camera- Manual Instruction

HOBBYMATE ESC BLHeli_S 20A Brushless Speed Controller- Manual Instruction

HOBBYMATE Duo Lipo Charger Dual Charge Port, Fast Lipo Charger- Manual Instruction

Instruction manual for – HOBBYMATE Switch-Mode-UBEC 5V/6V-3A 

Instruction Manual – Targethobby 3IN1 150W Discharger Voltage Tester Balancer For Lipo Battery