Hobbymate D6 Duo Pro AC/DC Smart Charger

External Discharge Function – please see Task Setting section of the manual (pg 10, or PDF pg 13), available on Hobbymate website download page. With the AC cord unplugged, plug the battery you want to discharge into the DC input XT60 connector (on back of charger). Place a load resistance of 1.5 – 2.5 ohms on the output XT60 connector of either channel 1 or 2. Other resistances can be used but be sure it is compatible with the power you need it to dissipate. Also be careful as resistive loads can get very hot. You can adjust the current and therefore the power in the task settings. Better to start off with lower current and increase it as you gain confidence in the load capability. I’ve done testing with a 150w 20v halogen light bulb from a film projector. I do not run it at 150 watts as it does not have any airflow in this application. The rest of the process is fairly straightforward.