Jumper T18 / T18 Pro Radio Transmitter is coming in stock in the 2nd week of June

Jumper T18 / T18 Pro is a new radio transmitter with a number of improvements based on Jumper T16 Pro V2

1. New IPS 480*272 Screen
2. Carbon Fiber Style Faceplate
3. New internal multiprotocol module JP5in1, with 915 MHz long range module, support Frsky R9 915MHz long range receiver system, with included external antenna
4. Touch screen interface reserved inside the T18 / T18 Pro transmitter for future update.
5. Newly improved hall sensor gimbals for T18 based on T16 Pro V2, and ALPS RDC90 sensor (which is used by Futaba T18MZ) for T18 Pro transmitter.
6. No more ribbon cables! Simple and reliable connection between the radio components means no more problems with switches or roller stop working.

No Ribbon Cables for the new Jumper T18
Jumper T18 - Ribbonless Cables

The T18 / T18 Pro is a full size multi protocol radio that runs the open source OpenTX. Both version now includes a built in TX module freeing up the back slot for a long range system such as TBS Crossfire, and added module into JP5in1 915Mhz Long Range System Receiver, with external 915Mhz Antenna included.