Essential PDB with Multiple Functions for Your Quadcopter !

Hobbymate 5-in-1 QAV Quadcopter PDB-Board-BEC 5V/3A-12V, LED Light Controller, Flyaway Finder & Battey Low Voltage Alarm

  • Specially made for the Multi-Rotors, mini FPV Quad. Built-in 5V BEC can be connected to receiver or flight controller with Aux pins directly.
  • Simplify wiring. The BEC 12V can be used to power the Camera, Video Transmitters,ect.
  • Inbuilt 5V LED light controller, three flash modes can be choosed with the toggle switch of transmiter.
  • Toggle the switch to trigger the buzzer beep crazy to help you find lost quad or flexed wing in tall grass or trees, this could be very helpful when crash.
  • You could also connect it to three flash modes 5v led to achieve better effect. It also acts as a battery voltage monitor ; Once voltage gets below preset threshold , the buzzer & LED light will alert you


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What Customers Say About Our Products

  • 5-in-1 perfection!

    I absolutely love this 5-in-1. It packs a lot of great details into one board. I don’t know if you can beat it for the price. Here’s why.
    -the voltage alarm has three easy to read and access readouts for different voltage alarms.
    -the same buzzer can be routed to a switch for lost quad finder, which Inhave personally used and was very thankful to have it.
    -solid power output
    -BEC 5v and 12v which is almost a necessity.

  • Love the built-in low voltage alarm and the lost model 

    This is a must have for all drone builds. Cleans up a lot of messy wiring and integrates all the most important functions into a simple to use board. Love the built-in low voltage alarm and the lost model alarm as I don’t need to add separate components.

    Phua Khai Fong
  • Great all in one PCD unit!

    This unit is great. I am a little ticked at myself for not finding this earlier. I use BEC units in most of my quads and planes, and I also use lost model alarms AND I use low voltage alarms. This unit does all these things and more (not to mention it’s a power distribution board for ESC’s) at the cost of most BEC modules……

  • Fantastic board that’s reliable and well regulated!

    Fantastic product at a great price! Good company to work with as well. This pdb came packaged perfectly and with care. It was inside an anti static bag inside a box inside a padded bag inside a box. The nylon stand offs and connector cable are a nice addition, like I’m actually given everything I need to install it. Usually we have to piece stuff together so it’s nice to have it packaged as a kit……

    Ryan H.
  • Very Nice!

    This is an excellent idea and wonderful product. Hobbymate produces quality products and have excellent customer service. One thing to note is that you will have a BEC on the board in case you are running 20amp opto ESC’s. Not having to connect or mod for a separate voltage meter is another nice addition to using this board on your quad. The size is slightly larger than normal, it fits on a 210 no problem……