Quality Built, Small and Efficient , Must Have for Flying !

Targethobby 3 IN1 Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm & Discovery Alarm & Discovery Buzzer & Signal Loss ALA

  • Battery monitor function :Hold the button 3 seconds to enter the setting of the voltage threshold;Press button to set the alarm threshold between 3.4~3.7V/Cell(red LED);The value will be saved & exit if no action within 10 seconds
  • Discovery buzzer function : It is easy to use the function, Just plug it in one Aux channel(e.g. Gear). Move the toggle switch to one side or another side, the BM3in1 will alarm “BeBeBeBeBe” & blue LED blink
  • Signal loss alarm function : It can warn you if you turn off the transmitter first by mistake, if you have trouble finding a model in the long grass


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What Customers Say About Our products

  • Quality built, small and efficient. Must have for flying!

    Being somewhat new to Quad racing I figured this was a must have for my 250. I needed something small, lightweight, and effective to pack inside that will let me know when my play time is up. With this voltage alarm from TargetHobby I am also able to help locate my missing quad in the event that I get too carried away and stick it in a tree or in the middle of a corn field……

  • A nice buzzer for any plane

    Right, so i picked up this item a few days ago. It came in an antistatic bag, inside of a bubble wrap bag, inside of the bubble wrap envelope, a little on the overkill side of moving a single circuit board the size of a postage stamp, but nonetheless, very well packaged. Inside was the modified splitter (i say modified because the male and female are on the branches of the y), and the alarm……

    Brad Goodall
  • Helped save a quad!

    I was saving this for a build I was making but when a friend kept losing his quad in high brush I decided to give it to him.
    Good thing I did! If he didn’t have this device he would have lost his quad today! He has been having transmitter issues and occasionaly his quad will drop out of the sky……

    Andy Cooper
  • Must Have!
    The product just works! Having a timer on my transmitter and having a low voltage alarm may sound redundant but it’s not, lipos can get erratic at times and this alarm works great. I usually know when its time to land and by that time I am flying close to final, last weekend I was flying my rare bear to which I usually get 7 minutes of hardcore flight or 11 minutes of normal flight……
    S Jones
  • Good value, good quality.

    The 3 in 1 unit does exactly as the overview xes robes and is of good quality for the low price.
    The low voltage alarm has a fairly accurate threshold per each of the 4 settings, though I didn’t dare take any of my LiPo packs to the lower settings, staying at 3.7v per cell. Using the 3 in 1 on a 450SE with both 2S and 3S, the alarm begins to sound intermittently at around……

    David Beaver