2 Pairs 2205 2300KV Brushless CW CCW Motors

Great Combo for QAV250, QAV300 Racing Quadcopter

2 Pairs 250-Racing-Quadcopter Motor-CW-CCW-2205 2300KV 4PCS Combo For QAV250 QAV300 FPV Racing Quadcopter

  • Cooling Series Bell Design reduces motor temperature by at least 30%
  • Highest Grade N52 Neodymium magnets, Genuine Japanese Bearings
  • Each Motor is Dynamically Balanced in the factory.
  • 15mm Extended Prop Shaft allows virtually any prop with 5mm hole.
  • 3 Lock nuts and 2 sets of motor screws for 3mm and 4mm thick frames.

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What Customers Say About Our Products

  • Red Bottom Beaters

    Update: these motors are smooth seem to be well balanced. Run cool and are comparable to red bottoms on performance. Ran 4 blade 5040’s and I would say I’m hitting 60mph+ and turning on a dime. Reds might have a bit more thrust but really marginal in that flyers skills would be the difference between 1st or 2nd. Not what’s “under the hood” -so to speak. If tuned for two blade these would have me 70mph I’m sure of it. Nice motors!……

  • Amazing power and looks, all for an amazing price.

    Outstanding motors with incredible power. The new bell design definitely keeps them cool when running at high RPMs. I’m very impressed with the balancing of these motors right out of the box. A lot of my builds are done with aesthetics in mind, these motors are SEXY! All black with a little amount of brushed aluminum make them pop on any frame. Functionality and good looks, what more do you want?!

    Matt M

    Target Hobby delivered once again with these motors! I have a Lumenier g10 that came with 1800 series motors. These sit much lower, have a lot more punch power and use ccw/cw threads rather than all cw threads making prop changing a much easier event. I thought the added weight might reduce flight times a little but I was wrong. Flight times didn’t change at all. Very happy with these motors……

    Troy Budreau